Maddy Pinckney


After struggling for 10 years, Maddy was finally diagnosed with neurological Lyme disease in 2018. Since her diagnosis she has struggled with Babesia, Bartonella, Anaplasma, Mycoplasma, dysautonomia, PANDAS, epilepsy, PTSD, and other chronic diseases. As a Global Lyme Alliance ambassador she aims to educate and spread awareness about a disease that so many spend years suffering with before receiving a diagnosis. She is planning on attending law school next year to study public health law and advocate for those with chronic illnesses, while pushing for the better treatment of Lyme patients. Maddy currently lives in Upstate New York working on her Lyme blog @maddymeetslyme while undergoing treatment.

Julia Allyn


Since getting getting officially diagnosed in October of 2017, Julia has struggled with chronic Lyme, Baronella, Babesia, Miyamotoi, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Hashimotos, Addison’s disease/adrenal failure, PANDAS, post concussion syndrome, complex PTSD and several other syndromes. Her story was written about in the paper as she was one of the first people diagnosed with the rare B. Miyamotoi (https://www.syracuse.com/health/2019/12/after-four-painful-years-a-cny-womans-mystery-illness-finally-solved.html). Julia is currently getting a masters degree in applied clinical nutrition to begin to pursue a career working in integrative nutrition and medicine specializing in Lyme and autoimmune patients. She is also a Global Lyme Alliance ambassador to continue spreading awareness on tick borne disease. Today, she lives in Colorado with her therapy dog and boyfriend and is still working with serval practitioners to continue to heal and fight.

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